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Capstone Structural (formerly R.L. Exley Consulting) has performed over 1,000 building inspections & investigations for insurance companies, attorneys, real estate professionals, lending professionals, building code officials and contractors. The scope of these investigations includes (but is not limited to):

  1. Determination of water/moisture sourcing for mold investigations in residential and commercial structures. (attics, basements, crawlspaces.)
  2. Investigation of alleged construction and blasting vibration damages.
  3. Investigations of explosion damages.
  4. Investigation of damages to structures caused by vehicle impacts, and for claims purposes, segregating new damages from pre-existing damages.
  5. Investigation of fire damaged structures to determine the extent of damages and to determine feasibility of reconstruction.
  6. Investigation of alleged storm damage (wind, hail, snow, lightning, tree impacts) to determine the extent of damages, and for claims purposes, segregating new damages from pre-existing damages.
  7. Investigation of alleged deficient design and/or construction including evaluation of:
    • Excessive deflection of structural members
    • Plaster/drywall cracking
    • Below ground water intrusion through foundation walls
    • Above ground water intrusion through roofs, flashings, chimneys, brick and stone veneer, etc
    • Collapses
  8. Investigation of concrete driveways for causes of flaking, spalling and cracking.
  9. Investigation of wood truss collapses during construction.
  10. Investigation of deterioration and failures of brick parapet walls.
  11. Investigation of alleged seller’s non-disclosure during real estate sales transactions.
  12. Investigation of foundation settlement, failed foundation and retaining walls, heaving floor slabs.
  13. Investigation of personal injury claims due to failed sign anchorage, failed railings, falling plaster.
  14. Investigations regarding code compliance.
  15. Expert witness testimony.


Mold in Building

Crumbling Brick Foundation